Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Something new!

I received a Nook tablet for my birthday/Mother's Day.  This morning I finally made a cover.

What in the world is that little fuzzy thing on the bottom?!

It is quilted front and back and has interior pockets that are lined with rigid plastic to provide protection to the Nook.  All you have to do is flip open the cover and read your Nook.  The Nook is secured inside the cover with access to the entire screen and all the control buttons.  A quilted cotton cover with hook and loop closure sells for $28.  All covers can be custom made in fabrics and colors you may choose from my fabric collection.

This is my first prototype so I am still "tweaking" the design.  I am working on one that is made from batiks and has a leather closure and another with a completely different type of closure. More to see soon!

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Eventmom said...

Can you make one for my Galaxy tab? How much is one , $15?